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            Backup for Windows - Connection whitelist

            Our Backup software obviously works over network (except local backups), and here is the list of TCP ports (both incoming and outgoing), addresses and executables that should be explicitly allowed by any firewall or antivirus.

            Whatever is marked with blue italic is needed for Managed Backup and can be safely ignored for standalone CloudBerry Backup.

            TCP ports: 80, 443

            Addresses (the first four of them are storage specific - you might not need all of them):
            - * (full list of endpoints can be found here)
            - *
            - *

            - CloudBerry Backup.exe 
            - Online Backup.exe 
            - CBBackupPlan.exe
            - Cloud.Backup.Scheduler.exe
            - cbb.exe
            Updated: 16 Jan 2018 11:00 PM
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