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            Backup - Repository explained

            CloudBerry Backup is designed for cloud storage, and in order to decrease amount of requests to it our software runs its own database called “repository”.
            The database contains information about what files are stored in cloud, which operations have been taken upon them and some service information.
            Anything done to the database applies no change to the data in storage.
            That is why restore on another computer is possible - repository database is just recreated for another machine

            Under Tools > Options > Repository one can do a number of things - see the screenshot below for reference.

            - "Shrink Database" function removes some records from the database about operations taken upon files previously, removes info about deleted files et cetera. Technically, the SQLite Vacuum operation will be performed.
            - "..." button with the shield icon moves the database - it is useful if the database grows too big for the system partition and should be moved to another partition.
            - "Synchronize Repository" function does the following: list cloud storage and compare data in cloud to what is recorded in the database, if there is discrepancy – fix the database records.
            This may not be obvious but "Consistency check" function on Welcome page does the same as "Synchronize Repository".

            Thus, there usually is no sense to run checks frequently – if there are no changes in the storage made outside of Backup software, there won’t be any discrepancy.
            The only case when it should be done regularly is Rotating Drives strategy – here is a how to:

            Updated: 06 Aug 2018 11:47 PM
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